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A timid and distant dog suddenly changes his attitude towards his foster mother, who realizes that her father is waiting for her

A dog with a painful past spent only 2 weeks with his foster family, but this short stay transformed him and made him a hero in the eyes of his benefactor. A story told by The Dodo.

Brownies had never really known life in a house. Coming from a shelter in New Mexico, he had been adopted 4 times, but had been returned to the shelter each time.

High Plains Humane Society

Recently, an association based in Colorado had expressed its willingness to offer him a second chance. But before he made the trip, he had to stay with a host family for 15 days.

She is the volunteer Molly Analore who took care of him. The dog was terrified during the first few days. He had difficulty getting used to the rules of living in a hostel. However, he has made progress thanks to the patience of his foster mother.

Brownies had finally begun to relax, communicate and assimilate the basics of everyday life at home. So, for example, he got into the habit of sitting facing the door and barking when he wanted to go out to relieve himself. However, the four-legged one remained somewhat distant.

A few days before his arrival, Molly Analore had felt slight discomfort on several occasions, especially dizziness phases. She hadn’t really noticed.

One night, however, a new crisis arose, far more intense than before. Her heart was beating fast and she felt very weak. As she lay on her couch, Brownies came to join her and snuggled up to her, he who was not used to it.

“A dog like that only happens once in a lifetime”

Molly Analore then decided to go to bed in his room. That, Brownieswas outside my door shouting at the top of his voice, scratching the door and bumping his headshe says. It wasn’t normal. It was almost as if he was trying to say, ‘Something’s wrong, let me in now.’ »

She opened it for him and the dog jumped onto his bed and laid its head against his chest. He held this attitude to the core Molly Analore has returned to a normal rhythm. As soon as the tachycardia stopped, he just got up and left “, she says.

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Illustration of the article: A timid and distant dog suddenly changes his attitude towards his foster mother, who understands that the father is waiting for her
Molly Analore

He did it all on his own. He is such a good boy “, continues the volunteer who, as planned, saw him leave his home after 2 weeks. Brownies went to Colorado shelter but Molly Analore want to bring him home to adopt him permanently.

A dog like that only happens once in a lifetime. The connection was very strong “, she concludes.




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