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Here are the top 5 of the best restaurants in Rouen according to Gault et Millau 2023

Discover the top 5 of the best restaurants in Rouen according to Gault et Millau. (©JB/76actu/Illustration)

Rouen has no shortage of good restaurants! In addition to the new addresses to try, be it Au Flaméron, Bouillon Popote or Gadjo, there are many safe bets. We have listed for you the five best restaurants in Rouen according to the 2023 edition of Gault and Millau.

1. Gill (20/17)

Although he returned his stars in 2020 to reinvent himself, Gil is still the most popular restaurant in Rouen. Chef Gilles Tournadre and his team always do wonders there “with his hare à la royale, his due à la Rouennaise and his millefeuille, namely all the standards and the usual little surprises on the menu, including, last time, a marvel of lobster carpaccio with a bisque in jelly”, celebrates Gault et Millau.

8-9 Quai de la Bourse

2. Odas (14/20)

Restaurant The odas lives up to its name as chef Suzanne Waymel has the audacity to offer only hidden menus. Gault et Millau pays tribute to “safety and quality that reassures regulars” and emphasizes that “the place is ideal with its terrace in the shadow of the cathedral and this preserved tranquility, withdrawn from the bustle of the rue des Carmelites”.

4 Passage Maurice Lenfant

3. On Gros (12.5/20)

Here we focus on comfort and tradition. And it pays off! For Gault and Millau, By Gros is “a real bistro. It has the soul, for the body and gluttony. Because at l’Gros we only eat good things, and it’s important to mention that. Beyond the pleasure of eating well, that of eating better”.

Videos: currently on Actu

42 rue de la Viscounty

4. Small umbrellas

A true institution for 40 years, the small umbrellas has proven itself in all this time. Gault et Millau deplores the “old-fashioned” aspect and the “unnecessarily stuffy” service, but praises chef Marc Andrieu’s “savoir-faire” and “holy touch”.

46 rue Bourg-l’Abbé

5. 6th Sens, The Gallery, Cancan, the Golden Calf, Chez Philippe, the Water Lilies and In Situ (12/20)

Seven restaurants fight for fifth place with the same score of 12/20 awarded by Gault et Millau.

The guide pays tribute to the “originality” and the “well-chosen products”. 6th sensethe “well-worked” plate of the gallerythe well-targeted and effective offer of Can canthe Norman authenticity of Nugget of goldheat and taste At Philip’sthe “prestige products” of water lilies and inviting modernity by In Situ.

This is how Gault Millau rates it

Judging is done with an international grid that takes into account many specific criteria, including the cuisine, the atmosphere and the overall experience. Depending on the result obtained in this grid, the number of toques (maximum 5) is awarded. In detail this gives:
• Unique tables (5 toques) for a score between 19/20 and 20/20
• Very large tables (4 toques) for a score between 17/20 and 18.50/20
• Large tables (3 toques) for a score between 15/20 and 16.5/20
• Chef’s tables (2 toques) for a score between 13/20 and 14.5/20
• Good restaurants (1 toque) for a score between 11/20 and 12.5/20
• Establishments without toque for a score between 10/20 and 10.5/20

The latest Gault et Millau rankings were revealed on 28 November 2022 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris. The guide available on the official website and in bookstores since November 29 at a price of 25 euros.

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