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a trapping campaign to limit the spread

In collaboration with the foundation for 30 million friends, the city of Roanne has created campaigns to catch stray cats since 2016. This November was the third of the year. During these two weeks she concentrated on the streets Georges-Sand, Mayollet, Clermont, Gonthier, Joanny-Augé, on the quai du Renaison and the Boulevard de Belgique. “The majority of the sectors have been identified thanks to reports from local residents who complain about the nuisance caused by groups of cats”, clarifies Romain Bost, elected official in charge of animal welfare.

A prisoner hired by the city

To catch these stray cats, the city hires a trapper at its expense. Yves Royer has been responsible for these campaigns in Roanne, Mably and Riorges since they were created. “We have a lot of stray cats and they are multiplying. It is necessary…



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