Health insurance fraud: a Montpellier resident arrested in connection with international drug trafficking

After receiving two forged prescriptions, the respondent, a beneficiary of universal health coverage (CMU), had the mission to go to pharmacies and recover very expensive cancer drugs for free. Medicine, which he then had to give to third parties, against compensation.

For several years, investigators from the Central Office for Combating Damage to the Environment and Public Health (Oclaesp) in collaboration with pharmacists and doctors have sounded the alarm about a extensive drug trafficking.

A gigantic health insurance scam with the aim of recovering very expensive medicines for free in France to resell them in the Maghreb countries in particular in Egypt.

An extremely well-structured network

An extremely well-structured network consisting of different layers. At the bottom of the scale, “small hands”recruited on Snapchat, on the condition that they are beneficiaries of universal health coverage (CMU) to go and collect medicine from pharmacies via fake prescriptions.

Medicine, worth up to €14,000 per box, then handed over to “collectors” who themselves deliver them to “exporters”. At the national level is the damage is estimated at several million euros!

A vigilant pharmacist averts the scam

It is in this context that a 32-year-old resident of Montpellier was arrested on Wednesday 15 November by police officers from Departmental Security after being abused by a vigilante pharmacist. That day, prescription in hand, he went around noon to a pharmacy in Montpellier to get one cancer medicine worth €5,213.

According to the CPAM recommendations, the preparer told him that she did not have it in stock, that she ordered it, and that she would deliver it to him that evening around 10:00 p.m.

Discreet police supervisor

When informed, the person responsible for the pharmacy immediately contacted the doctor who should have prescribed the medicine. Who, as he suspected, confirmed to him that it was a fake prescription .

Alarmed in turn, the police set up discreet surveillance which made it possible to arrest the defendant at around 18:45 when he came to collect the box.

Out of greed

Placed in police custody, this 32-year-old Montpellier resident, without a profession, immediately admitted the facts and explained that he had acted in this way out of greed. According to his hearing, he saw an ad on the Telegram social network who offered to make easy money.

To do this, you had to take advantage of the CMU and go and get medicine from the pharmacies. After clicking on a link, he ended up on snapchat where a stranger sent him, via e-mail, two forged prescriptions. It’s up to him to get the drugs.

A mission paid €300

Once the operation was successful, all he had to do was send her a picture of the boxes for the individual to pick them up at Montpellier station.A mission paid €300 per delivered box before 20 November. €200 in addition.

A reward that our Montpellier resident will not receive. On the other hand, he will have to explain himself in court in the coming weeks.

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