Abandonment of position, rejection of CDI, bonus-malus… These other measures that come into effect

Abandonment of position, rejection of CDI, bonus-malus... These other measures that come into effect

Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour. Liewig Christian/Liewig Christian/ABACA

DESCRIPTION – After more than a month of consultations, the executive board has finally unveiled its unemployment insurance reform. With especially changing the compensation rules according to the economic situation. But also three new measures and an extension.

After more than a month of negotiations between the two parliamentary chambers and several compromises found with the right wing, deputies and senators last Thursday passed the bill paving the way for a graduation of the unemployment insurance. The text, which forms the basis of the new ambitions for the executive board, initially makes it possible to extend the current rules before the start of 1.eh February, by decree, changing the rules for compensation according to the financial situation. Not only does the law championed by Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt provide a legal framework for this major change in philosophy, but it does not stop there. It records the entry into force of three new measures as well as one extension.

• Abandonment of position

This is one of the two surprise measures in this bill. Carried by a change of the majority, but also of the LRs, this provision consists in assimilating a “abandonment of position” to a termination, and therefore the employees who resort to it…

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