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Above all, never throw the oil from the cans of tuna down the sink again, here’s why!

© Above all, never throw the oil from the cans of tuna down the sink again, here’s why!

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After recovering the ton crumbs in the small round boxes, many of us were throw the oil in the sink. This gesture is part of our habits, we do it regularly without even realizing it. But from now on you can see things differently. In fact, we will explain to you why you should not throw away this vegetable oil.

A habit that invites itself into all kitchens

Canned tuna can be found in every kitchen. This vitamin-rich fish is used in the preparation of many dishes. In summer, it is often found in tomato or green bean salads. To open these cans, you probably stand over the sink as oil always drips out when you open them. There you collect the tuna meat with a fork, then you let the oil flow.

By the you are making a mistake every time you open a can of tuna.

Stop wasting the oil from tuna cans, you will shop for the environment

Several reasons invite us to change our habits. For starters, throwing the oil from cans of tuna down the sink is not part of an organic approach. It is actually vegetable oil considered a pollutant. In addition, it tends to clog the pipes.

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For what ? Because when cooled, vegetable oil hardens. Finally, this gesture amounts to a waste of a food product. And instead of throwing it away, you can reuse it when you prepare different dishes.

For the sake of ecology, if you don’t want to recycle the oil from the cans of tuna, pour it into a bottle that you bring when it’s full to the nearest recycling station.

How to recycle vegetable oil from cans?

The vegetable oil contained in the cans of tuna can therefore be reused. It is actually edible and even better, it tastes very good. That’s why you’re wrong to throw it away. Especially since it is possible to use it in a multitude of varied recipes.

Let’s imagine you’re making a tuna rice salad, for example. You can use the oil from the box to prepare the vinaigrette to accompany this summer dish.

Or, if it’s sunflower oil, you can use it to fry fish fillets or squid rings. And if the can of tuna contains olive oil, don’t hesitate to incorporate it into your seafood pasta recipe.

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One last good reason to keep the oil from tuna cans: it contains omega 3 and vitamin D, two nutrients that are essential for the body to function properly. Now you know what to do…



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