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almost all McDonalds in Metz will be ready on January 1st

This is one of the big changes starting this Sunday, January 1, 2023: reusable tableware should replace disposable packaging
, whether cardboard or plastic, in fast food restaurants. It will now be necessary to offer drinks and food washable containers for meals on site. The measure does not apply to take-away meals.

Service at McDo, Burger King or KFC, a small revolution! But it has many fast food outlets began rolling out this service several months agoto be ready on D-Day. This is the case in most McDonald’s restaurants in the Messina region.

A variety of washable containers for hot and cold drinks and for fries. Each item is chipped.
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Conquered clientele

that The Metz-Borny restaurant was the first last July, to switch to cups and other resin trays. The straws had already disappeared for a while, the sorting of waste is now systematic. But the dishes… this is a great discovery for Benoît: “We talked about it before we came, this is the first time we have seen it. Honestly, she’s good!” Same thing for Annick, who brought her grandson to lunch: “My salad is in a nice little salad bowl, it’s more comfortable. I’m happy !

So have the staff quickly adopted this new dishes. “We walk around the parking lot every morning, there was a lot of garbage in nature, we find it everywhere. Since we put it in place, there are a lot fewer!“, restaurant manager Emilie Weil testifies. The bowls are chipped in order to be able to recover them if they were to be thrown in the bin by accident.

Important investments

But this new service involves a lot of investment: several tens of thousands of euros for each restaurant. Of course, it was necessary to buy the containers, but also dishwashers, dryers, VMC to regulate the humidity… Almost all McDo Metz will be ready on January 1, except for those who are going to work soon: they have an exemption. But there will be a downside: the energy bill to run all these machines looks steep.

Also at the level of human resources, this change disrupts the organization of restaurants. Sébastien Decourcelle is the operations director of McDo in Metz, he oversees six of the eight restaurants in Metz. “From now on, we have staff dedicated to washing dishes: two to three people a day in each restaurant. It is not easy, we already have recruitment problems and labor shortages, as in other sectors.“The sign currently recruits between five and six employees per restaurant.



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