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Altima signs a partnership with Habitat Réuni

Françoise Peronnet is CEO of Altima Assurances

Altima Assurances has just entered into a collaboration with Habitat Réuni, so that the group of social landlords can offer its low-income tenants a more spacious MRH offer. The Maif subsidiary is aiming for 5,000 contracts over 2 or 3 years.

Altima Assurances has just won the MRH tender launched a few months ago by Habitat Réuni. This partnership, running over 4 years, will thus enable the group of 26 solidarity social landlords to offer its low-income tenants an inclusive HRM offer developed by the insurance company. “Since 2015, we have built up real expertise in the MRH offer for tenants. Our recent deliberations with landlords and “L’Action Tank Entreprise et Pauvreté” have led us to design an offer that we consider reasonable for residents on modest incomes who are often uninsured or overinsured”explains to News Pro Insurance Philippe Baldin, Director of Business Development at Altima Assurances.

In detail, the Altima offer – the same for all landlords in the group – proposes a single contract without option with a simplified price (depending on the number of rooms and the location of the property). The 178,000 potential tenants of Habitat Réuni are thus entitled to this offer, even after termination with another insurance company. “Today, some landlords face a proportion of uninsured tenants of up to 20% of their holdings. Our offer is a strong argument for avoiding the LNA phenomenon and provides an added value service for landlords. In particular, it makes it possible to retain certain tenants thanks to real savings on their MRH contract and to attract new residents who are sometimes reluctant to take out insurance.”continues Philippe Baldin.

Political stance

The Altima Assurances offer is offered by subscription 100% digitally or with the help of an adviser by telephone. “The landlords with whom we cooperate today are the most important providers of our offer. We also want to strengthen the dialogue and get in more contact with them to make them aware of our guarantees”states Françoise Peronnet, general manager of Altima Assurances.

The insurance company, which now wants to be a benchmark player in the tenant insurance market, has particularly benefited from the success of this product with its other landlord clients (Alpes Isère Habitat, Arelor, Delphis Habitat & Rénovation, Immobilière Atlantic layout, etc. .). “This enabled us to be selected for the Habitat Réuni tender, where we aim for 5,000 contracts of 2/3 yearsadds Françoise Peronnet before finishing. From now on, alongside the inquiries we receive, we want to consolidate our portfolio and at the same time be aware of any adjustments to our guarantees. Finally, in addition to the statistical monitoring of this offer, this product is also a strong political position on the part of Altima, which is part of our group’s CSR commitment”.



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