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Amber Heard: Johnny Depp’s lawyers manhandle the actress in court

The lawsuit opposing Johnny Depp at Amber Heard continues. After delivering her version of the facts last week, the 36-year-old actress must now face her ex-husband’s lawyers. Among them, the formidable Camilla Vasquezwho attacked the photos that the actress had sent, ensuring that her face did not seem to present the abuse she denounces.

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The lawyer returns, for example, to an alleged incident in 2014, during which Amber Heard says she was beaten after the MET gala until her nose was broken. “You don’t seem to have any injuries in these photos taken the next day,” Camille Vasquez points out.

She also points out the inconsistencies of Amber Heard who, after having suffered several sexual assaults, never went to the doctor. In March 2015, the actress claims that Johnny Depp introduced a bottle into her vagina until she bled. Where is the evidence ? Amber Heard is unable to provide a medical certificate.

Camille Vasquez did not stop there, also accusing Amber Heard of having kept part of the divorce money – 7 million dollars – when she had assured under oath that she had donated it to charities. “I could not fulfill my obligations because I was being sued for defamation,” defended the actress.

The cross-examination should continue this Tuesday, May 17. But things seem to be off to a bad start for Amber Heard. The actress notably confided that following the court case, her role had been reduced in the film Aquaman 2. They didn’t want me anymore. I shot a scaled down version of what was planned. The debates must continue until May 27, after which the seven jurors will finally retire to deliberate.



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