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an adorable stray dog ​​goes to a cafe every day in search of food

A dog regularly comes to a café! Dulci Barbosa is the owner of a cafe in Brazil. Because of the mandatory quarantine linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, the boss had to close her establishment. But that didn’t stop her from feeding a very special cafe patron; a small stray dog ​​who comes every day in search of food.

An adorable dog looking for food

The adorable dog, who goes by the name ‘Deneres’, started going to cafes during the pandemic. Dulci is an animal lover and has three rescued dogs at home. Unable to keep the dog at home, she made sure he always had something to eat. Dulci said: “She was never hungry. I was the only person she could count on. A great initiative hailed on social networks.

For the defenseless dog, this woman was not only a source of food, she was also her favorite person and the one she could trust the most. Some time ago, Dulci was able to reopen its establishment and Deneres was one of its first customers. The dog wagged its tail to say hello to its friend.

A woman with a big heart

The woman did not know where this animal spent its nights, but she could see that it was nursing puppies which, thanks to the kindness of this person, benefited from the food received every day. A while ago, Deneres felt happy to introduce the little ones to her new friend.

After breakfast, she took Dulci to meet the babies. Really adorable. There can be a very strong bond between man and animals. The attitude is really adorable. The boss said. ” I am very happy. Now we have to save them and get them adopted.” For now, Dulci gives food to the mother and her young. She knows that it is difficult to find a place to live for puppies and the mother especially in this place there.

Dulci is doing everything she can to ensure that a home is found for this family, where they can be safe and no longer in need. She feels concerned about the destiny of the dog and her puppies and wants to find them a forever home where they will always be safe; she thinks they deserve nothing less than that. “I have already launched campaigns to have them adopted. We will do it. I’m sure we’ll find a home for them,” Dulcie said.

Many animals abandoned every year

This is unfortunately a phenomenon that recurs every year. Dogs and cats are abandoned on the side of the roads and it is dramatic. Indeed, some people do not want to bother with managing a pet. In the shelters of the SPA, during the summer season, many animals arrive. This cause is important to many people who donate.

There is even an animalist party which is responsible for defending animal rights. Thus, these people are for example pushing for circuses with animals to be banned. Some people are vegetarians and refuse to eat meat. What is certain is that eating meat has an impact on the environment. It is absolutely necessary to change our eating habits in the years to come. Even artisan butchers advise eating less and better quality meat.

Associations regularly visit farms to denounce the conditions in which the animals are raised. There is also an awareness of the subject among young people. Eating habits may change. Moreover, at Burger King, vegetarian burgers are now offered. A small revolution in the matter.



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