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“An international court must be created to judge Putin and the Russian leaders”

Philippe Sands, Franco-British international lawyer specializing in the defense of human rights, and author (Back to LembergLa Filière), tells us about war crimes in Ukraine and how to judge them.

How did you react during the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022?

It really affected me, I didn’t expect that, even with what had happened in January. I was in shock. I am in regular contact with my friends in Lviv and kyiv. As early as February 27, I wrote an article in the FinancialTimes (in English), a legal reaction calling for an international tribunal for the crime of aggression. I do what I can at my level, in the field of law.

Why did you feel that you had to react immediately?

Because I am a lawyer and I have written about Lviv/Lemberg (Editor’s note: his family roots and the place of his two books “Return to Lemberg” and “The sector”). There is an indisputable legal aspect. Go to war…



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