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And the best kebab in Charente is… Cappadocia of course!

With six stars awarded by the site, this real institution well known by all kebab lovers (and beyond) is described as “the oldest and most authentic concept” from the city. In any case, Cappadocia already shines with its longevity since the restaurant has existed “since 2007”. Its founder, self-appointed “kebab precursor” in the region, evokes a restoration “fast and traditional” with know-how straight from Turkey, “the country where I come from”, specifies the sympathetic chef. Moreover, Nikoss makes it a point of honor to respect the spirit of this emblematic dish: “You have to know the choice of meat, know how to grill it while playing with fire” (but not too much…).

In Cappadocia, the star for kebab is “chicken, acclaimed by the greatest number” he still explains even if originally “veal and lamb often come out on top”.

With family

On the menu, Cappadocia offers, in addition to these sandwiches offered in traditional round loaves or on the plate, a farandole of specialties such as falafels, mezze, tzatziki. Vegetarians and vegans will also certainly find their happiness.

Also recognized by Uber Eats customers (with “90% positive ratings”), Nikoss has three employees. His wife, Roxane, also works alongside him, notably bringing her touch to the decor. A talent visibly noticed by the youtubeur Florian on air during one of his wanderings to unearth the “best snacks” (in France and Navarre) with a 9/10 attributed to the setting, which is both original, vast and warm. The boss mentions air-conditioned rooms in this regard (not really a trivial detail these days) but also insists on hygiene “irreproachable” of the establishment. Once that’s all written down, you have to go… have a taste.



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