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Tesla raises the price of its Model Y

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Tesla raises the price of its Model Y by $3,000 in the United States

Tesla thus increased the price of its Model Y by 3,000 dollars (2,869.17 euros), bringing it to 65,990 dollars on Thursday, after delaying deliveries of this model in the United States by a month.

Raw material costs are skyrocketing

The 5% tariff hike comes as raw material costs soar and automakers struggle to source chips and other supplies due to a perceived global shortage.

Rising prices don’t seem to be dampening demand for Teslas yet

“While some fear that price increases will destroy demand, for now, Tesla remains under a supply constraint,” notes Credit Suisse. Playing on the fact that its Model Ys are becoming rarer and betting on the irresistible desire of US consumers who are supposed to be ready for anything – or almost – to afford a Tesla. But the wallet of the American – certainly easy – could not be extensible indefinitely. Still, the game has to be worth the candle…. Still, for the moment, the manufacturer is somehow playing competition between buyers, deliveries being “granted” to the highest bidders…

Rivian, a rival to Tesla, also raised prices by more than $10,000 for new orders of its base model.

Source: Tesla

to summarize

Tesla has raised the prices of its models in the United States. Reasons given by the American manufacturer of electric cars: the persistent problems of the supply chain at the global level and the outbreak of the costs of raw materials, which increase its production costs.



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