Home Cats Animals: do you know the Toyger cat breed? A real house tiger

Animals: do you know the Toyger cat breed? A real house tiger

Animals: do you know the Toyger cat breed?  A real house tiger

The Toyger cat, small domestic tiger.
Toyger is a cat whose breed name comes from the contraction of toy and tiger. (©Danilobiancalana/AdobeStock)

Why are we talking about a new breed? Because the Toyger cat (a word contracted from toy and tiger), appeared in France recently.

Although it arrived in France in 2009, it was recognized and approved in 2016 and listed in LOOF, the official book of cat origins.

Born in the USA

Toys already existed in other countries. He was also born in the United States. Judy Sudgen, an American, had the idea of ​​marrying a cat of the Bengal breed with a cat of no breed, with a tabby coat.

“It is not a genetic mutation, it is a breeder’s project, insists Mickaël Rouver, president of the Toyger France club, breeder and passionate about the Toyger cat. He is not the result of hybridization with wild animals, he is a perfect house cat with a wildly expensive look.

However, its stripes are different from other cats, they are particularly marked, thick, black in color.

As for the color of his dress, it is not the “orange” of the Garfield cat, only the brown mackerel tabby approved by the official bodies.

The Toyger cat, small domestic tiger.
The Toyger cat enjoys human company and loves to play. (©ImageBROKER-AdobeStock)

A very social cat

Toys love human company. He easily picks you up to play. It is a cat calm temperament which tolerate apartment living well.

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“We are close to the character of oriental cats, explains Mickaël Rouver. He is talkative, he likes to attract attention. He likes to be attached to a human. It is the ideal cat if you are looking for a fusion side with your animal.

Toyger adapts to all ages of life, he loves the company of small children. He is not a runawaydon’t look for trees and birds.

Medium-sized cat with striped furyou can see right away that he is muscular, his ears are small and rounded, he is resistant to disease.

Mickaël Rouver nevertheless draws our attention to early heat“there was a Bengal cat in its genes, we can observe urine marks very early in males, I recommend neutering them before the average age of a cat”.

In France, 43 births were registered last year (193 since 2016, the year of its approval).

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