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Are pizza and carbonara American dishes?

Reckless, Alberto Grandi chose to take a very risky path. Since January 2022, this professor of food history at the University of Parma has been publishing a podcast which aims to “busting the myths about Italian cuisine”.

In a country where gastronomy (in its strictly classic version) takes on a sacred character, the exercise can prove to be perilous. Especially since the man does not hesitate to attack monuments of transalpine cuisine, notes the weekly specchio, who devotes an article to Grandi’s theories.

Example: according to the words of the professor, the carbonara would not be a Roman dish, but would find its origin at the end of “World War II, when American soldiers brought bacon to Italy and came up with the idea of ​​pairing it with eggs and pasta”.

Parmigiano and Parmesan

As for the famous Neapolitan pizza, continues the media, it would also be the fruit of an Italian-American meeting. Alberto Grandi explains on this subject in the columns of the Roman newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano :

“The version we know today was born in



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