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Joe Biden victim of a fall: the president of the United States fell from his bicycle during a walk

During a walk in Rehoboth Beach in the State of Delaware, Saturday June 18, 2022, the American president accidentally fell from his stationary bicycle. He quickly got up before assuring that he was fine.

A fall fortunately without gravity. The president of the United States Joe Biden, 79, fell off his bike while stationary, while riding in Delaware State on Saturday morning June 18. The American president was on a bike ride to Rehoboth Beach, a small seaside town where he regularly spends the weekend in his villa on the ocean. The health of all American presidents is closely scrutinized, but that of Joe Biden in particular, due to his advanced age. In November 2020, Joe Biden broke his foot while playing with one of his two German Shepherds, Major. A year later, in November 2021, his doctor pointed out during a checkup that Joe Biden was in good health”vigorous” and “apt” to fulfill its function.

A harmless fall

In an amateur video published this Saturday, June 18, 2022, we see Joe Biden, equipped with a bicycle helmet, gloves, shorts and blue sneakers, stop to speak to passers-by and journalists who are waiting for him. Unable to dislodge his foot from the pedal, he then fell with his bike. He was immediately surrounded by members of his security, but quickly got up, unharmed. Asked about his condition, he quickly replied: “I’m fine”. He then briefly exchanged with the passers-by who surrounded him, then the journalists, and got back on his bike to leave about five minutes later. He was accompanied by his wife, Jill Biden, who did not witness the fall, having continued on her way.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden



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