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the jackpot… especially for lawyers?

Volkswagen has reached an agreement with lawyers for thousands of plaintiffs across the Channel to avoid a dieselgate trial. The German manufacturer will pay

Seven years already. In September 2015, one of the biggest scandals in the history of the automobile broke out with the “dieselgate”, this affair of diesel engines knowingly modified to pass the homologation tests when in reality they blithely exceeded the pollutant emission limits in real life. And seven years later, Volkswagen continues to pay for this story that still sticks to the Basques, while German justice is still on the case of the former leaders of the group. And it is now the turn of British customers to receive compensation.

More than 200 million euros

Continuation, and end for the legal proceedings initiated by thousands of English or Welsh customers against Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. To avoid a trial that could cost him much more, Volkswagen has decided to sign an amicable agreement with the 91,000 complainants. In total, the bill amounts to just under 230 million euros for the German group, which will also bear the legal costs. All customers will not have the same amount (it depends on the vehicle and its mileage), but on average they will receive just over €2,500. But there is a but: according to some sources, the lawyers would receive around 30% of the sum, or 70 million euros. The remaining part to the plaintiffs would then be reduced to a trickle!

Volkswagen further recalls that this agreement “does not represent an admission of liability, causation or losses”, since there was no trial and judgment.

Remember that Volkswagen has not compensated all European customers, and far from it. Last September, the European Commissioner in charge of consumer protection explained: “I believe that it is up to us to let European consumers know that a firm has chosen to play for time and try to avoid compensating them while convictions fall one after the other”. And indeed, outside Germany, compensation is slow.

Published on 05/30/2022 Updated 05/30/2022



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