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Aujeszky’s disease: what is this virus that killed 5 hunting dogs at the weekend and how to prevent it?

Five hunting dogs died at the weekend in the Dordogne. The cause of their death would be Aujeszky’s disease, according to the first analyses. It is a virus that is transmitted by wild boars and is very dangerous for dogs. What are the symptoms and how to prevent contamination?

Aujeszky’s disease affects mainly boars, but can be transferred to other species. It is this virus that undoubtedly killed five dead dogs suddenly after a hunting trip in the Dordogne. How to avoid contamination and spot this disease in our companions?

Five dogs died in one weekend

Bernard Delrieu apologizes to France Bleu for losing five hunting dogs at the end of a game in which they had been in contact with a wild boar.

I have five dogs that bit this boar that weighed about thirty pounds. Between Friday and Sunday at 10 o’clock the five dogs died

In Villefranche-du-Périgord i Dordogne, it’s a shock. The disease turned out to be devastating according to the first theses from the veterinarians, the prefecture states. If it can be transmitted between suids (domestic and wild boar) and dogs, zoonosis is not possible in humans. The departments of Lot et Garonne and some Gironde is also affected.

What are the symptoms?

Contamination of this virus is characterized by symptoms similar to rabies, inform the services of the state of Gers. The animal will suffer itch in the head, sometimes intense enough to cause him to injure himself. He will also have trouble swallowing and paralysis complete will be able to touch him, which generally means his imminent death.

Incubation is quite short, between 2 and 6 days. After this time, the affected animal’s behavior suddenly changes: it is worried or aggressive and generally very tired. This disease is sometimes called “pseudo-rabies”. When the first symptoms are felt, the dog may die 48 hours.

Beware of contact with wild boar

If in France, no Aujeszky epidemic affects breeding pigthe virus circulates among wild boar. Remember to wash your dog’s wounds if they come into contact with objects that may have been chewed or rubbed for a long time by wild boars.

We think so 30% wild boar are carriers but do not show symptoms.

There is a vaccine

No treatment is currently known for this disease. The diagnosis is made by taking a sample of the nervous system specifies the veterinary center of Fregis, in the Paris region.

The prefecture of Dordogne reminds that a vaccine exists and can significantly reduce the risk of contamination in the event of contact between dogs and wild boar. Owners who wish to have their dogs vaccinated must contact a veterinarian to perform and control the injection of the drug. They are the only ones who can perform this action.

Beware of certain raw meats

It is also recommended to avoid giving it to your pet raw meat whether it is pig or wild boar. In the same way, even on a hunting trip, you should not leave your dog behind bite the killed or wounded animal. The same with offal of questionable origin: if your dog eats raw meat, always check that it is not mixed with meat that should be avoided.



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