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In a Zug restaurant, the second dessert spoon costs 2.50


Canton of ZugA restaurateur charges 2 fr. 50 the second dessert spoon

To cope with inflation, a restaurant owner from Oberägeri (ZG) asks for 2 fr. 50 for another dessert spoon.

The restaurant is located in Oberägeri (ZG).

Google Street View/screenshot

While a survey by ETHZ’s economic research center in mid-November revealed that two-thirds of Swiss cafés and restaurants considered raising the price, some do not hesitate to move on. This is the case with a restaurateur in Oberägeri (ZG), who is now asking 2 fr. 50 for another dessert spoon, take it back “Look” (article in German).

“Whoever shares a dessert takes up two chairs”, declares the restaurateur simply “Beobachter” (article in German). He adds that his expenses and the wages he has to pay have also increased. In his opinion, this tax is therefore reasonable and important. He reminds that no one is forced to eat with him, and clarifies that if two customers share the same spoon, the tax does not apply. Please note that the restaurant also charges an additional 3 francs for bread and cutlery.

Since the second spoon tax is noted on the dessert menu, the restaurateur has no problems with legal certainty. GastroLuzern understands. “Restaurants have to be creative to pay their bills,” concludes Thomas Tellenbach of GastroLuzern, quoted in “Central Plus” (article in German). However, the association does not consider it “wise” for all restaurants to do the same.




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