Home Dogs Basenji, a dog breed that grooms itself like cats and doesn’t bark

Basenji, a dog breed that grooms itself like cats and doesn’t bark

Basenji, a dog breed that grooms itself like cats and doesn’t bark

The process of domesticating dogs began over 15,000 years ago. Furthermore, it is not really the man who tamed the dog, but the relationship arose naturally and settled over time.

However, the origin of the dogs is uncertain and experts disagree about what it is. Thus, some argue that all dogs, domestic and wild, have a common ancestor, the smaller Southeast Asian wolf. However, all domestic dogs, regardless of breed or size, come from the same species: Canis familiaris.

Basenji, a very popular dog breed

Last year, the most popular dog was a border collie. However, a breed is becoming popular not only in our country, but also around the world. This is the Basenji, a breed of dog native to East and Central Africa, with an exotic appearance, erect ears and curly tail. Its short, shiny coat can be black, brown or tri-colored. This breed is medium in size and weighs around 10 to 12 pounds.

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Basenjis are known for their unique personality. They are independent and stubborn dogs. But they are also loyal and loving to their masters.

No hereditary diseases

Besides, Basenjis are a type of dog particularly easy to care for. In fact, they are relatively healthy and live a long time. It is therefore a breed that does not get sick if it lives healthily, because it is not a carrier of hereditary diseases. And this unlike almost all other dog breeds. Therefore, a good diet, adequate rest and a fair amount of exercise are enough for them to live 12 to 14 years.

The Basenjis are also popular with pet owners who are looking for an intelligent dog breed that is easy to train. Although they are sometimes stubborn and difficult to train, they are very intelligent. They can quickly learn new commands and tricks. They are also excellent for dog sports such as agility and tracking. In addition, they enjoy the mental and physical stimulation that exercise provides. Its ability to jump and climb is impressive, making it a particularly athletic breed.

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