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police officer suspended after shooting 11-year-old boy

On Saturday, the officer opened fire on a child during an intervention for a “domestic problem”.

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Aderrien Murry, the small child shot in Indianola (USA), May 26, 2023. (AFP)

A police officer has been suspended after injuring an 11-year-old boy with his service weapon who had called for help at his home in the southern United States, state police reported Friday (May 26). The facts took place in Mississippi in Indianola. The officers were called last Saturday around “responding to a domestic problem”and one of them opened fire during the intervention.

“A minor resident, seriously injured, had to be hospitalized”, and an investigation has been opened, police spokesman Bailey Martin said. Aderrien Murry was hospitalized “in intensive care with a collapsed lung, liver damage and broken ribs” but was able to return home after a few days, family attorney Carlos Moore said on Twitter.

“Why did he shoot me?”

“No child should ever be subjected to such violence by those who take an oath to protect and serve”added Carlos Moore, claiming “a full and transparent investigation”. The boy’s mother explained on CNN that she asked her son to call the police because one of his former spouses apparently “angry”had just arrived at their home.

An agent has arrived “his service weapon drawn and told everyone to get out”, Nakala Murry added. When her son entered the room, “he shot him”, she continued. Beat your chest, Aderrien “Kept saying ‘why did he shoot me? what did I do wrong?’ According to the lawyer, the agent has been suspended and an investigation has been launched. But the family demands that he be fired and charged. It also calls for the release of the images filmed by the policeman’s on-board camera.

Indianola is a city of 10,000 residents, the majority of whom are African American. Aderrien Murry and the policeman who shot him are both black. American police officers are often accused of using excessive force. According to a database of washington postthey have killed 407 people since the beginning of the year.



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