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Bayou case: the lawyer for the ex-boss of EELV denounces a political “instrumentalization”

Storm among the Greens. After stepping back from his duties as national secretary of EELV, Monday, September 26 in the morning, via a press release in which he denounced a “Kafkaesque” situation, Julien Bayou replied in the afternoon. Through the voice of his lawyer, Me Marie Dosé, the ex-number one of the ecologists returned to his relationship with his ex-companion, who accuses him of psychological violence and made a report, by email, on June 30, to the investigation unit on sexist and sexual violence of the movement. He delivered a very political defense.

“Julien Bayou notes, with bitterness and anger, the instrumentalization of the just fight against sexual and gender-based violence for political purposes”, pointed out his lawyer. And to target, implicitly, a political cabal led by Sandrine Rousseau: “No one is unaware that the congress of environmentalists is being held at the end of the year, political ambition cannot justify all the crusades. »

“Julien Bayou has never exercised the slightest psychological violence against his companions”

“Julien Bayou separated from his partner in November 2021 and this decision was very difficult”, related Marie Dosé, evoking “the psychological fragility” of this woman who would have adopted a “fluctuating behavior” during the separation. .

Their story resurfaced in public debate last week, when EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau told France 5 that she had received this woman at her home, in a “very depressed” state. She then allegedly “attempted suicide”. The deputy had added “that they are obviously several” and accused Julien Bayou of “behavior likely to break the moral health of women”.

According to his lawyer, “Julien Bayou has never exercised the slightest psychological violence against his companions”. And to cut to pieces the investigation carried out by the EELV cell, “unable to work while respecting the slightest fundamental principle” and whose decision will be “necessarily political and biased”. “On four occasions, Julien Bayou asked in writing to be auditioned in front of this cell, which was purely and simply refused to him”, scolded Me Dosé.

“It’s a bit clumsy to question the work of this unit which has already investigated other cases…”

A version that puzzles within the same cell, which auditions the respondent “once all the complainants have been heard”. “The cell has the mandate and the way of functioning which was fixed for it by the party. The fact that the national secretary calls this into question is astonishing. He supported all the recent changes to the protocol, recalls a member of the cell. The cell conducts its investigation and then a sanction committee renders its decision. »

“The political time and the working time of the cell are not the same”, abounds the green MP Sabrina Sebaihi. “It’s a bit clumsy to question the work of this cell which has already investigated other cases…” Same question with Hélène Hardy, member of the party’s executive bureau. “The cell is so independent that you can’t ask it how it works. We can’t say that she is under pressure…” But she recognizes that the party “may be led to look more quickly than expected” at its functioning. An audit was scheduled for early 2023.

As for the accusations of instrumentalization, they go badly internally. “It’s a headlong rush, a position that is cowardly with regard to the party, even if, in essence, it is undergoing illegitimate attacks,” said an interlocutor from Bayou. There is a manifest disproportion in the handling of his case. “Denis Baupin (implicated by several women whose accusations of sexual harassment and assault were revealed in 2016) also used this argument. It doesn’t mean anything, ”insists a frame. According to his lawyer, Julien Bayou will speak for him “in the coming days” and has not, for the time being, designated “to file complaints for defamation. »



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