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Believing to have been stolen from his restaurant tickets, a Cannes resident attacks his neighbor with a knife

Quite upset after an outing in the city center where he felt he had been insulted several times by various interlocutors, a 60-year-old man from Cannes suddenly attacked his neighbor violently last Tuesday afternoon.

Reason: on returning home, the irascible sexagenarian thought that his restaurant tickets had been stolen.

Knock Knock knock. When he opened the door to his apartment, the 22-year-old neighbor found himself face to face with EG, armed with two impressive kitchen knives!

Although surprised, the young man immediately tried to neutralize his visitor, but in the fight that followed, he was cut in both hands.

The victim nevertheless managed to make his attacker leave by offering to reimburse the amount of the restaurant tickets (i.e. 90 euros), an amount which the person concerned then returned to him by apologizing, after having found the tickets at home!

21 days of ITT

The sexagenarian was nevertheless arrested by a police rescue patrol and taken to the Cannes police station.

During his police custody, a psychiatrist considered that the suspect’s discernment had been partly altered. But the latter was transferred to the Parquet de Grasse, with a view to a court appearance.

As for his young neighbor, he was prescribed an ITT (temporary interruption of work) of 21 days for his hand injuries.




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