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Burger King is offering 1 million euros to compose your own Whopper!

Burger King has something new for its customers. The fast-food offers 1 million euros to compose your Whooper.

Burger King has some big news for its followers. The brand offer 1 million euros for those who compose their own Whopper. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Burger King is in the news again

It’s no secret that Burger King is the king of communication. Indeed, the fast-food chain connects the publicity stunts that make the buzz. And yes, his teams are not short of ideas.

As a last husband, the brand has also hit hard with his campaign with Jonathan Cohen. Yes, burger sales have exploded following this alliance.

But, as Burger King has no limit, the brand has decided to think even bigger. On the occasion of Friday the 13th Big Lotothe chain has decided to put the small dishes in the big ones.

Thus, the king of the burger wished console all draw losers with a free Whopper. You have to believe that the fast-food giant is quite generous.

Even crazier, the Burger King has decided to celebrate the presidential election. Yes, during the election, the brand then put on sale eight of his 3-euro burgers. Something to delight the most gourmet.

But this time, Burger King has decided to take it a step further. The fast-food chain has decided to offer 1 million euros so that these customers compose their own Whopper.

One thing is certain, this idea is not did not fall on deaf ears. Many fans are likely to lend themselves to the game to try to postpone this astronomical sum. MCE TV tells you more!

Earn 1 million by composing your Whopper

Burger King is once again making headlines with the Whopper. Last May, the brand made discover the FlexiWopper.

But, this time around, the fast food restaurant has big news for its customers. In Germany, they will be able to choose the composition of their Whopper with a thousand and one choices. Well, 200,000 to be more precise.

This is not an offer like the others. And for good reason, the latter, turns into a lottery ticket from June 14 to 26. Just that !

For nearly a week, customers will then be able to create through the net, their Whopper in the MyBK app. The goal is to win up to 1 million euros.

To successfully create the best Burger King Whopper, fans of the brand are spoiled for choice. Indeed, there is something for everyone.

Both for meat lovers, vegans or even flexitarians. Burger King’s message is crystal clear. With this communication, the channel therefore wants to be creative and playful.

Once the combination is made on MyBK, the future Whopper Burger King created, becomes a lottery ticket. Then generating a number, this one being directly integrated into the lottery.

After which, the latter will be activated once the Whopper is ordered in the restaurant. Don’t forget to scan the QR code. A code that can of course be used once.

One thing is certain, for this new game, you’ll have to be very lucky. As the best Burger King customer wins.



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