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Pau lawyers threatened with death, a man was arrested

A lawyer from Pau filed a complaint because he was assaulted and threatened with death. This took place on Friday January 21, in the city center, rue des Cordeliers. The alleged attacker was arrested Monday morning, he rebelled and a policeman was injured in the hand. The man has since been treated at the psychiatric hospital in Pau. An expert must determine whether there is an alteration or abolition of his discernment. In addition to the assault in the street, there would have been several threatening emails sent to lawyers, magistrates, police officers, the prosecution.

Rare but serious facts

We can’t let lawyers get insulted like that“explains the prosecutor of Pau, Cécile Gensac. In a sense, even if it is only about aggression and verbal threats, they are violent death threats. In this case, the lawyer in question was assaulted by one of his former clients. He is a 35-year-old from Pau, known to the justice services. According to the prosecution, the latter would feel resentment “for the entire judicial chain“.

Indeed, it seems that this man had been prosecuted, he had retorted that he had been the victim of police violence. Except that the investigation proved nothing. The man was therefore prosecuted for slanderous denunciation. He was released but the standoff with justice did not stop there. The Pau Court of Appeal finally condemned him. In all, three lawyers were allegedly threatened. The president of the court of Pau, Me Claude Garcia, supports them: “This man threatened to kill three lawyers who defended him, they have done their job and are not in control of the court’s decision“.



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