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Canadians brace for surge in abortion requests

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Five US states neighboring Canada could make abortion illegal if the US Supreme Court strikes down this constitutional right. American women will be able to access abortion services in Canada, but if clinics are preparing to see an increase in demand, the solution is not easy…

With our correspondent in Montreal, Camille Feireisen

In towns bordering the United States, pro-choice activists are on a war footing, like Jill Doctoroff of the National Abortion Federation: We have more and more conversations here about what we can do to help American women. »

The Canadian government has promised to open its arms wide to those who want to have an abortion in the country, if voluntary terminations of pregnancy become illegal in their American state. But Canada has nothing of a miracle solution: Not all American women have a passport and the money to travel. »

Worried Americans are already calling in Canada

Access to abortion is also unequal and services are saturated in Canada, but for activist Sharon Krieger, we must be ready: “ We are ready to do everything we can, but for the moment, we don’t know exactly what we will have to do, “fundraiser”send the money so that people can travel or to the clinics. »

Uncertainty already worries many American women », says TK Pritchard, manager of an abortion clinic 200 km from Michigan. “ We constantly receive calls from American women who want to know what access to Canada there will be. »

Before abortion was legalized in 1988, Canadian women traveled to the United States. 34 years later, it is the opposite route that some may well have to take.

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