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Car insurance: everything you need to know about all-risk insurance

There are 3 levels of car insurance coverage: third party insurance, intermediate insurance and all-risk insurance. The formula that provides the most protective coverage is comprehensive insurance. It covers all risks, whether for the protection of the driver, the vehicle and third parties. This level of warranty is primarily intended for drivers of new or newer vehicles.

I choose the best all-risk car insurance

What is all-risk insurance?

In auto insurance policies, all-risk insurance designates the most comprehensive and protective formula. It covers the different types of car requirements:

Insurers recommend taking out this level of cover when your vehicle is new or recent. This is to get compensation in accordance with the value of your vehicle after an injury.

However, since this car insurance formula is the most complete, it is also the most expensive. The price of your car contributions depends primarily on the selected guarantee level. This is why some drivers prefer less protection to save money at the risk of receiving little or no compensation in the event of an injury.

What is the point of taking out all-risk insurance?

All-risk insurance offers comprehensive coverage. Therefore, subscribing to a contract with this formula means protecting you in full security against the costs in the event of personal injury and property damage. It guarantees optimal compensation and faster compensation in case of damage in most situations:

  • Culpable and non-culpable accidents
  • Third party identified or not
  • Parked or running vehicle
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of your vehicle (with replacement value)
  • Natural disasters…

From there, owners of new, valuable and collector cars have every reason to choose all-risk car insurance.

Good to know: comprehensive insurance for young drivers can be expensive. Some insurance companies offer specific formulas for young drivers, it is interesting to compare the different offers online.

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What is the difference between third party insurance and comprehensive insurance?

Unlike all-risk car insurance, third-party car insurance states the minimum formula. It gives you civil liability coverage, which covers personal injury and material damage caused to a third party (other driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.). The third party insurance agreement is often supplemented with legal protection.

On the other hand, it does not provide compensation in the event of an accident that causes material damage to your vehicle. If no third party is identified during the claim, you will not benefit from any financial support. Third-party car insurance is therefore the cheapest formula.

Is comprehensive insurance compulsory?

In France, the law requires every owner of a land motor vehicle, rolling or not, to accept at least civil liability. This obligation protects third parties in the event of material or bodily injury where applicable.

From there, even if your vehicle doesn’t leave your garage or property, it can still become the victim of an accident (fire, explosion, etc.). You must therefore take out Third Party car insurance. On the other hand, the other guarantees remain optional, but give you the opportunity to benefit from good car cover.

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