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Car insurance: the average prices in your department according to your profile

Are you paying too much for your car insurance? In the jungle of contracts, it is difficult to navigate and assess the competitiveness of the various market players. Meilleurtaux Assurances has therefore made your task easier. The broker has scrutinized all the coverage offered by its insurance partners in December 2022 to determine the average rate charged in each department and region in France. Capital publishes these results exclusively.

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Two driver profiles have been created. The first consists of three married couples aged 36 to 40 with 2 children. They have all chosen all-risk insurance and benefit from a maximum bonus. To better protect their vehicle and not have to worry about parking, he acquired a parking space in a closed garage. The second consists of three retired senior couples aged between 55 and 60. They exhibit the same characteristics. “The observed profiles are intended to be representative of the driving and buying habits of the French. Families most often prefer SUVs or station wagons, while seniors are tempted by compact and newer vehicles,” explains Meilleurtaux Assurances.

Up to 44% difference

For each of the two profiles, the average of the prices obtained by the three pairs was calculated. The three family profiles are respectively equipped with a Peugeot 208, a Tesla model 3 and a Dacia Duster. Our three pensioners have a hybrid Hyundai Tucson, a Renault Captur and a Renault Zoé.


For our first profile, the results first highlight the wide disparity in insurers’ rates, knowing that the national average is €630 per year. For a similar cover, a Corsican family will e.g. would have to allocate a budget that is 44% higher (835 euros per year) than a Breton household (580 euros). The palm of France’s cheapest department goes to the Channel, where annual contributions are contained at 563 euros.

But how to explain such differences? “The traffic accident rate in the region and the history of damage are two factors that are examined by insurance companies,” explains Samuel Bansard, spokesman for Meilleurtaux Assurance. The closer a department is to vehicles, the greater the chances of an accident. In addition, the parking supply is mainly concentrated on public roads and constitutes an additional source of damage. The cost of risk is therefore higher there.” The frequency of car theft is also an element of increased costs of insurance. “For all these reasons, Brittany, New Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire are good students and therefore benefit from more favorable prices,” he continues.

Within the same region, the differences can also be significant. In Hauts-de-France, Norden – whose capital is Lille – has a price that is 15% higher than the price of Aisne, a rural district. The same observation can be made in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Lyon drives up prices, so insuring your vehicle in Rhône will require a budget almost 25% higher than in Savoie.

Between 3 and 5% increase in 2023

These results also apply to our second profile. Of course, seniors have to pay higher contributions – about 100 euros more per year compared to the first profile, because their vehicles are newer and therefore more expensive to insure – but the price differences between the regions remain the same. While the national average is 735 euros, Corsica, Île-de-France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur are the scarecrows (between 811 and 878 euros per year), while Brittany and Pays de la Loire have much lower prices (between 685 and 703 Euro).


Drought, spare parts… from 2023 your insurance premiums are likely to increase

One of the most effective ways to melt the bill without cutting into guarantees is to continue comparing contracts. “The average saving is around 300 to 350 euros per year,” recalls Samuel Bansard. An approach that is all the more important since the average increase in car premiums for the year 2023 should be between 3 and 5%, according to Cyrille Chartier Kastler, founder of consultancy Facts & Figures.



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