Unicredit sells 1 billion bad loans. Prelios, Intrum and Dovalue on display

On Tuesday, December 27, Unicredit bank listed almost 100 new bonus certificates on Mtf SeDeX on the Italian exchange, updating the range of instruments with conditional capital protection issued by the Italian operator, many of which have expired over the past month. In detail, the proposal concerned 40 bonus caps on stocks and five on indices expiring in June, September and December 2023, plus 44 top bonuses on stocks and five on indices, all expiring in December 2024.
The first group, the bonus ceiling, includes 15 certificates on Italian and European shares, 25 on securities listed on Wall Street and five on EuroStoxx Auto, EuroStoxx Banks, EuroStoxx Utilities, Nasdaq100 and S&P500 indices, with barriers all fixed 60% for certificates on shares, 65% for those on index, regardless of the duration of the investment, which, as we have said, is not the same for everyone. The structure is well known and allows for the payment of a predetermined premium at maturity linked to compliance with a maximum limit of loss of the underlying throughout the life of the certificate: the security or benchmark index must therefore never fall below the barrier level per any time during a trading session between the date of ..;

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