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Car: which car insurance formula to choose according to your profile and budget?

Faced with the various proposals from car insurance companies, it is not always easy to choose. Third-Party Insurance, Extended Third-Party Insurance, All-Risk Insurance and various optional guarantees, the selection is large. How do you choose the car insurance formula that corresponds to your profile and your budget? Le Parisien gives you its advice.

Which car insurance should you choose?

The law obliges to insure all land motor vehicles, rolling or not, at least with civil liability. Those who travel without insurance expose themselves to heavy fines.

To choose the most suitable car insurance formula, you need to take out a car insurance that meets your driver profile and the use of the vehicle.

  1. Third party insurance designates the legal minimum by issuing civil liability. It covers material damage and bodily injury caused to a third party. Basic formula in car insurance, it is therefore the cheapest. However, it does not cover the costs associated with damage to you or your vehicle.
  2. Extended third party insurance (or third party +) represents the intermediate car insurance formula. It reinforces third-party insurance through optional guarantees such as theft, fire, accidental damage, etc. This varies depending on the insurance company.
  3. All-risk insurance is the most complete form of car insurance. It covers most damages to others or to yourself. That is why it is also the most expensive.
Find car insurance at the right price

Which car insurance according to your driver profile?

In addition to the 3 car insurance formulas offered by all insurance companies, there are insurance packages adapted to each driver profile.

  • Car insurance per kilometres: It allows you to adjust your contract according to the number of kilometers driven during the year. This allows the small roller to lower their car contribution.
  • Young drivers car insurance: this formula is particularly suitable for the profile of young drivers who are considered inexperienced and who sometimes find it difficult to get insurance at a reasonable price. There are car insurance companies in particular that have made it their specialty.
  • Senior driver insurance: Similar to insurance for young drivers, some car insurance companies have developed specific formulas to adjust the guarantees and prices, playing primarily on the size of additional premiums and deductibles.
  • Insurance for malussé or terminated driver: when the malus is too high or you have received a termination from a previous insurance company, it is difficult to insure. It is with this in mind that some insurance companies offer formulas for drivers with fines. However, the price will be more significant or the amount of additional premiums and deductions will increase.

>> I make a comparison of car insurance adapted to my driver profile

How to choose the best car insurance?

To choose the best car insurance, you must first state your needs in relation to your driver profile, the use and condition of your car. The needs will be different for a new car than for a vehicle over 10 years old.

From there, we advise you to make different offers to compare the different offers on the car insurance market.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to various points in order to benefit from good coverage:

What is the best car insurance?

As explained above, the best car insurance for you will be the one that perfectly suits your needs, your driving profile and the condition of your vehicle.

For example, if you own a vehicle over 10 years old with a high mileage, third party insurance may be appropriate. In the case of material damage, the compensation for your car is actually based on the Argus coast.

How do you lower the price of your car insurance? To lower the price of your car insurance, you need to compare the different offers that the insurance companies offer according to the desired guarantees and options. You will then get a detailed comparison of the insurance formulas and their prices in less than 5 minutes!



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