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Cat euthanized after being mutilated by a jaw trap


A cat was found mutilated by a jaw trap in Pézenas, in the Hérault (8/10/2022). Unfortunately, she had to be euthanized. A complaint has been filed and the 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party.

Atrocious. The association “Les Chats libres de Pézenas” was contacted for a cat seen horribly mutilated in a car park in the town, located at the edge of the urbanized area (6/10/2022).

Terrorized, the poor feline had a severed paw and was dragging the remaining shred. ” She had been freed the previous Monday by a gardener and a municipal policeman, but fledsays Véronique, a volunteer of the association. A passer-by gave the alert on social networks. And another resident, very invested in the animal cause, contacted us on Thursday to help her catch it. “. Unfortunately, the animal, terrified, did not allow himself to be approached. ” We searched everywhere Thursday evening and Friday morning, in vainshe adds. It was another resident who saw her the next day, taking refuge in the crawl space of a house. »

Helped by a gardener, the volunteers try everything to “nasse” the cat, and thus manage to recover it. They immediately take steps to treat him.

Leghold traps banned since 1995

At the veterinarian, the diagnosis is pessimistic: “ We thought he was going to amputate him, but unfortunately his condition was far too serious… He had to euthanize him. In addition to her bruised paw, the cat named “Rose” was infested with worms and suffering from sepsis. She could not survive these six days of torture…

” The veterinarian told us he had never seen a living cat in this condition “says Véronique. The association filed a complaint and an investigation is underway. Unfortunately, there is little chance of identifying the author of the trapping. The 30 Million Friends Foundation has instituted civil proceedings.

The setting of jaw traps has been prohibited since 1995, and, if a domestic animal is trapped there, can be considered an act of cruelty, punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.



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