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Cat: Watch out for those nose changes!

Your cat’s muzzle can give you a lot more clues about its health than you might think. Pay attention to these changes regarding the nose.

Fragile animals!

Before eating, these pets sniff until they are sure that what is in front of them is not poisonous or poisonous.

Changes in temperature, more or less wet nose, mucus or wounds of unknown origin may indicate that your cat needs a visit to the vet. Therefore, you need to be very careful with this detail.

Your cat's dry or wet nose!

Your cat’s dry or wet nose!

A warm, dry nose means the animal has a fever. This is a common misconception among pet owners.

But changes in the outdoor temperature, rubbing against something or even wiping can make your cat’s nose dry, wet, cold or hot. This without it being a clear sign of anything.

Nose of a running cat!

Nose of a running cat!

A healthy cat does not necessarily have a runny nose. In fact, cold or extreme heat can cause a runny nose. And if it is continuous, the animal can get sick.

If there is discharge, it must be clear and transparent. In the case of yellowish, thick or dark mucus… You must contact a veterinarian quickly to investigate the cause.

Nose of an injured cat

Nose of an injured cat

Ulcers that may appear on your cat’s muzzle are usually of external origin. When your pet has a small scratch or grazes caused by a fight with another animal or even in the wrong place… You can treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide so that it does not get infected.

If your pet’s nose looks split or has large wounds that you don’t know where they are coming from… Don’t hesitate to visit your vet.

Cat: Nose that changes color

nose that changes color

Ranging from pink to black, the color of a cat’s nose actually varies by breed. Sometimes it can change color, especially if the usual color is light.

If a cat’s muzzle turns a darker shade than usual, it is a sign of good health. This change is simply a reflection of variations in blood pressure.

Your cat's general health

Your cat’s general health

Does your cat seem less active or more distant than usual? You must first pay attention to his general state of health and his physical appearance: does he move normally? Does he sleep more? Does he show signs of apathy and fatigue? Sleep is actually still an important indicator. Any change in tempo should also alert you.

When he’s awake, pay attention to his posture: is his head down? Does he play and eat like before? Does he come to you? This criterion is important because a sick animal prefers to isolate itself. So, if you want to read more articles like this, we recommend you visit our Animals category.



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