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Cédric Jubillar remains in prison: his lawyers denounce “scandalous closed doors”

This Tuesday, October 11, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers have once again pleaded for the release of their client. Yet another meeting which, as specified The Midi Dispatchstrongly displeased the defense of the plasterer.

A case handled differently? This Tuesday, October 11, the lawyers of Cédric Jubillar were present in the investigating chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal in order to plead for the release of their client. Only, even if justice has still not decided on the fate of the main suspect in the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, the lawyers have once again estimated that the actions of the court of appeal would not be the right ones.

Justice is ashamed of what it does“, first made it known master Franck and Martin, as underlined The Midi Dispatchbefore adding: “So she hides behind scandalous and unprecedented camera sessions in criminal cases“According to their remarks, reported by the media, the defense of Cédric Jubillar sees, in the numerous judicial decisions made behind closed doors, a certain”violation of presumption of innocence” of their client. For the time being, justice has still not ruled on this sixth request for freedom. The Toulouse Court of Appeal will deliver its judgment on October 18.

An overly publicized court case

If Cédric Jubillar is still behind bars, it is probably following the media coverage of this legal case. This is at least a hypothesis that had supported the lawyers of Cédric Jubillar – still presumed innocent of the charges against him – to Figaro in July 2021.

This media coverage is complicated because we have a defense to make in the courtrooms, but a defense also to be carried out in the mediahad indicated Maître Emmanuelle Franck to our colleagues. Because today’s viewers and readers are tomorrow’s jurors. We cannot ignore this defence. If we let Cedric Jubillar be crushed in public opinion, it will already be crushed even before the opening of a potential trial.“An opinion which had joined that of his colleague, Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary, who had then specified that the affair around the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar is”a file that must be treated like all the others“.”With the same attention, the same abnegation, the same fighting spirit. The only difference is the media coverage“, he had added.

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