Chad: A group of political parties and civil society say they are ready to resume dialogue

A platform of parties and civil society associations criticized the painful event on November 20, 2022. It was during a press briefing held at the Al-Mouna center in N’Djamena.

They are a total of five political organizations and civil society organizations, gathered around a knowledge platform. These are PDR, ALTAKHADOUM, AJIPD, APCDH and APDLH. They expressed their desire to continue the dialogue with the Chadian authorities in order to avoid a catastrophic situation in the country.

For Mr. IZADINE Ahmat Tidjani, spokesman for this platform, this platform says that it is ready to start a dialogue with the authorities in transition, which will lead to social peace and stability for the smooth operation of Chad, he adds.

Finally, he asks the transitional authorities to release those arrested during the demonstration in order to calm the all-too-worried situation.

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