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Chocolates, sweets, decorations… at Christmas, veterinary emergencies on deck to treat cats and dogs

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At “Vet-Urgenty’s” veterinary emergencies in Toulouse, pet owners want to be careful as the Christmas holidays approach, when animal-related accidents are more common.

The phone rings now and then, two or three people are waiting in the lobby… This Thursday, the evening begins calmly at “Vet-Urgenty’s” veterinary emergencies in Toulouse. But here the hours go by and are not the same. And especially at the end of the year holidays, a period when animal-related accidents multiply. At the weekend, Éléonore, Margot and Caroline, veterinary assistants, expect to experience a more hectic pace, but have confidence in their organization.

“There is often a peak in attendance after Christmas dinner. It puts us in a bit of trouble, but it’s generally going well. As usual we try to put the deals according to gravity, but of course what can’t wait can’t wait! ” says one of them.

Watch out for chocolate

Because again this year, many dogs and cats will set their sights on chocolate and other Christmas treats that can be dangerous to their health. Vet-Urgentys patients, aware of the risks involved, are already taking precautions with their pets.

“Eros (their 51 kilo Argentinian dog) is like our baby! We never give him chocolate, it’s poison for dogs!” say Nicole and Alexandre.

“One day at Christmas, my father brought out the foie gras before the meal! The dog had eaten it all! Now I’m careful with my cats, I get them used to only eating from their bowls,” Laurent snorts. Christmas decorations are not trivial for the craziest either. animals. Some have got it right. “I haven’t made a Christmas tree in a while or my dog ​​would knock it upside down one day! (laughs). More seriously, I don’t want to take the risk of him swallowing small decorations,” says Eric.

Veterinarians from “Vet-Urgentys” prevent risks for animals during the holidays, on their website and their Facebook page: https://vet-urgentys.fr/



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