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Choosing the right lawyer – Associations Mode d’Emploi

The free choice of a lawyer is a fundamental principle. But how do you choose the right one based on the type of business or advice sought? And how to estimate the necessary cost?

If everyone imagines the lawyer pleading during a trial, it is necessary to broaden this vision. Of course, the lawyer remains the auxiliary of justice who defends his clients in the context of legal actions or litigation. But the missions likely to be entrusted to him are more varied. Thus, the lawyer can be a privileged legal partner of the association, to advise it on decisions to be taken, the drafting of statutory or contractual documents, or to understand the law applicable to its situation. Increasingly, lawyers are training and implementing amicable settlements or resorting to alternative dispute resolution methods (mediation, collaborative procedure, etc.).


The field of law being very vast, it is impossible to master all areas. Thus, lawyers develop their activity in certain fields, because they practice them more often and/or because these are their favorite fields. Some can also obtain a certificate of specialization. This allows them, in one or two areas of law, to assert the title of “specialist”. This title can only be used, in the various media, in particular on websites, by the holders of such a certificate. The law of associations and foundations is one of the twenty-eight specializations that currently exist.
Beyond specialization, there is also the question of the territorial competence of the lawyer.


When your legal action requires representation by a lawyer (in court, for example), you must choose a lawyer from the[…]



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