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Ciotti and Retaileau ready to vote for it (on one condition)

CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP Les Republicains (LR) Member of Parliament Eric Ciotti (L) speaks with the president of Les Republicains (LR) group in the French Senate Bruno Retaileau ahead of the televised debate ahead of the first round of the presidential election for the right-wing party Les Republicains (LR), in The LCI television studios in Boulogne-Billancourt, west of Paris, on November 21, 2022. (Photo by Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP)


Éric Ciotti and Bruno Retaileau, here during the Republican debate on LCI, November 21, 2022.

POLITICS – This is a big point for Emmanuel Macron. On the occasion of the only debate organized by LCI this Monday, November 21, to decide between the three candidates for the chairmanship of LR, two of them clearly opened the door to the pension reform, which the executive board seems to be hesitant about.

Éric Ciotti and Bruno Retaileau answered clearly ” Yes “ to the question: “Will you vote for Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform?” Only Aurélien Pradié, third candidate and youngest in the competition, strongly opposed it.

The symbol is important for the relative majority of the president, who somehow seeks allies for all texts – outside the budget, where 49-3 is activated every time – in the parliament. Because the first, Éric Ciotti, is a pillar of the LR group at the Palais Bourbon. He has been elected there since 2007 and holds the strategic position of quaestor of the assembly. The other is the head of the first group in the Senate, the LR group, the majority in the upper house.

Just because Emmanuel Macron is a weathercock doesn’t mean we have to be.

Nevertheless, both made it clear that their vote “for” would still depend on the text that would be presented by the government. “If the reform is what we always wanted, yes, I will vote for it”replied the senator from Vendée, Bruno Retailleau, clearly, before adding: “It’s not because Emmanuel Macron is a weathercock that we have to be one in our turn”.

Éric Ciotti said more or less the same, adding “we don’t want chaos”to distinguish themselves from the RN or LFI groups in the National Assembly. “If it protects the pension system and pensioners’ pensions, yes, I will vote for it”agreed deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Aurélien Pradié, the challenger of the competition, has largely separated himself from his competitors – as in other matters, starting with wearing the uniform of the university he defends. For those who want to embody “a popular right”there is no question of affecting the pension reform at this time. “Whether we first clean up the state’s medical care or take care of vacancies “, he suggested, for example, believing that it is first necessary to save money elsewhere or to put new contributors on the labor market. “And when we have made all these efforts, we will ask the workers to make an effort”he said, refusing to embody what he calls “the right to punishment”.



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