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Cooking: here’s why you have to prick the potato before cooking it

The potato is eaten in several forms, namely: boiled, fried, or au gratin. For its good cooking, there are several techniques and recipes. For many people, boiling it is the easiest. However, there are rules to follow to avoid making cooking mistakes. Find out in this article why potatoes should be pricked before cooking.

According to some myths, various methods should be used to properly cook potatoes in water. Everyone has their own technique for the potatoes to cook evenly without bursting in the cooking water.

According to the Ma Fourchette website, the potatoes should be pierced before cooking. Indeed, this trick would allow the potatoes or potatoes not to burst or not to crack.

The site goes on to add that poking the potatoes or potatoes also reduces the cooking time. And for good reason, the heat penetrates more easily into the pulpit.



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