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Cotentin. Lawyer in Cherbourg, Me Ingrid Desrue introduces middle school students to justice

Me Ingrid Desrue, from the bar of Cherbourg (Manche), spoke at the Gilles-de-Gouberville college, in Saint-Pierre-Eglise (Manche), as part of Justice Day. (©La Presse de la Manche)

The National Access to Law Day was an opportunity for the college students of the three classes of 4e of the Gilles-de-Gouberville college, in Saint-Pierre-Church (Manche), to look into the legal profession. As part of this day, lawyers from the bar got together to raise awareness among college students around the theme of justice by concretely approaching its functioning.

Discover the job

The Gilles-de-Gouberville college wanted to offer students from 4e a meeting with a lawyer from bar of Cherbourgas part of the courses given around moral and civil education.

“The objective of this intervention is to inform middle school students of the conditions of access to the law and perhaps some of them have discovered a path for their next orientations. »

Marie-Estelle Liegeois college principal

The intervention of M.e Desrue also allowed students to ask questions and perhaps give them some clues. Me Ingrid Desrue mainly handles cases in family law, persons and their assets, divorces, separations, compensatory allowance and criminal law, domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Justice allows us to live together”

This day was an opportunity to educate students to the rights and duties of everyone through the dynamic and passionate intervention of Me Desrue.

“Law is the set of rules that allow a society to live together in order to ensure justice and security. These rules are created by the state. Justice allows us to live together in harmony. This helps to determine what is fair or unfair. Justice on major principles, the right of defense and presumption of innocence. Everyone has the right to have their case heard fairly, publicly and within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal. After hearing all the parties, a judge makes a decision, applying the law. Each party has the possibility of putting forward its point of view, of knowing and discussing the arguments of each of its adversaries. The role of the lawyer is to defend his clients. »

Me Ingrid Desrue

The floor given to the college students was an opportunity for some to ask questions about the career of Me Desrue and some of them wanted to mention family law in particular.

From our correspondent Nathalie BONNEMAINS

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