Couple sentenced to six-month suspended prison sentence for killing their loud dog

A couple living in Saint-Germain-des-Fossés (Allier) was found guilty of animal abuse by the court in Cusset (Allier) on Tuesday. The two defendants each received a six-month suspended prison sentence; reports The mountain. They were accused of having killed their dog, Oxford, found dead at the water’s edge on August 15, and had admitted the facts.

The masters of the Labrador explained that they wanted to get rid of the animal with the barking that was too annoying. They took the dog to the edge of a river and threw him into the water after wrapping a garbage bag around his head. The couple then posted wanted notices online as if Oxford had gotten lost.

The defendants, whose criminal record was clean before the verdict, were also sentenced to a permanent ban on having an animal, a fine of 600 euros and the payment of 2,000 euros to repair the damage suffered. The SPA was a civil party in the case.

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