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Your pet will be warm all winter with this self-heating mat validated by more than 2500 users

Animals also get cold during the winter, and it is important to take care of this. (Photo: Getty Images)

Your four-legged friend is already shivering? To keep him warm all winter, we found the solution.

Yes, animals also suffer from the cold during the winter. To take care of them when the mercury drops, it is essential to give them plenty of water, to prevent them from becoming dehydrated, to feed them more if they live outside. But also to cover them properly. On walks, for example, dogs must wear a coat, especially if they are young, old or not very hairy.

But inside our homes, which must not be heated to more than 19°C this winter, cats always eager for sources of heat and small chilly dogs can find refuge on this self-heating mat validated by more of 2,500 pet moms and dads on Amazon.

What is that ?

Designed by the Mora Pets brand, this very soft mat is lined with three layers of self-heating materials to keep our little furry animals warm, without any connection or electricity. The fiber of which it is designed simply reflects the body heat of the animal and thus provides it with natural and comforting warmth.

Heated mat for cats and dogs | €24.92 on Amazon

Heated mat for cats and dogs

Heated mat for cats and dogs

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In addition, the mat has a double face: one in pleasant plush fabric and the other in ultra-soft fleece fabric, for the different needs of your pet. It will find its place perfectly on the floor, the tiles or directly on the perch of our fur ball. And once the winter is over, the rug can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30°C to regain its cleanliness.

“The carpet is adopted as soon as it arrives by our chilly cat”

On Amazon, the self-heating mat receives a rating of 4.5/5 from Internet users. “A stray cat lives in our garage and I installed a small sheltered corner for him with this blanket. He comes out very warm and it’s reassuring with the cold weather coming”says one of them in the comments.

“The carpet is adopted as soon as it arrives by our chilly cat”, assures another. Some have also installed this mat to keep kittens warm. Otherwise their dog. “Thank you very much for this wonderful invention”, writes a delighted customer in the comments. We are already looking forward to seeing our cat snuggle up there.

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