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‘Courtois, it’s our life insurance’ assures Onana

When he entered the game during the break of the match against Canada, Amadou Onana gave an interview to FIFA, in which he particularly mentioned the performance of Thibaut Courtois and the atmosphere that prevails outside the group.

As for our goalkeeper, notably author of a penalty that was stopped this Thursday, the median for Everton was free: “Thibaut is life insurance for us, for any team that has him in its cages. He gives us stability, confidence, I’m happy to have him in our goal.”

As for the game against Canada, the midfielder wants to keep the positives first: “We have the three points, the goal has been achieved. We still saw many big teams surprised in the first game. At the World Cup it is always complicated. There was still some relief because we suffered in the first half. we could have closed a goals in, Thibaut keeps us in the game. It is this feeling that prevailed at the end of the game.

The Red Devil nevertheless evoked the not really positive atmosphere in the media regarding Devils: “To be honest, I’ve never seen so much negativity around a team, but we’re trying to stay in our bubble, focused on our goals. For the first game, it was the three points and it’s done.”



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