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Credit card insurance and travel insurance

Bank cards are divided into several major networks in France: the main Mastercard, Visa and American Express
The cards are divided into Standard, Gold, Black or Infinite subcategories for Mastercard or Visa and for American Express Blue, Green, Gold, Platinium.

The travel insurance included in these cards is of two types:

insurance which includes cancellation, change of journey, interruption of stay, flight delay, personal accident and civil liability

Supportwith medical expenses, repatriation of the sick or deceased.

You should know that each card has different guarantees depending on its issuing bank.
The front line table shows the main lines of coverage by card type and not by bank, so guarantees can be added by banking organizations. It is therefore recommended to ask the customer to come closer to his bank in order to know the guarantees on his card in an exhaustive manner.

On the main lines:

Standard card for Mastercard and Visa or Blue for AMEX do not have insurance coverage and assistance guarantees, especially medical expenses, are low, which is often very insufficient for a trip to the United States, Canada, Japan, and now, to say the least, easily in all foreign destinations with the problem of COVID.

Important point ! For the insurance guarantees to work, the person must have paid for all or part of the trip with their credit card, otherwise you will only benefit from the assistance guarantees, which are nominal with cards.

high-end cards therefore have the best coverage and look like travel insurance on paper, but they do not have the latest innovations made during COVID, nor the latest cancellation insurance “all justified reasons” or even “FLEX”: invented for the latter, not by insurance companies, but by two travel agencies more than 20 years ago and they will recognize each other.

Good to knowduring a repatriation, the credit card often acts as a guarantor, which can cause liquidity problems for returning customers when a hospital wants to collect the money…




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