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Criticized for his prices deemed too high, a veterinarian rants

Criticized for his prices deemed too high, a veterinarian rants

It is on his Linkedin page that the veterinarian Nicolas Layachi decided to give a real rant so that the public opens their eyes. A necessary post.

Like human medicine, veterinary medicine has a cost. And even if it is never pleasant to pay hundreds of euros for veterinary procedures, it is often essential to ensure the good health of your pet.

On the social network Linkedin, the veterinarian Nicolas Layachi returned to the recent call from a client finding her prices too expensive. The purpose of this “mouth cut”? Bringing reality to the fore and making pet owners open their eyes.

“This world is crazy”

In his post, the veterinarian explains how it all started: a woman contacts him for information on the sterilization of a cat. He gives him the necessary information, including the price. The woman then begins to get annoyed and explains that the price is far too high, so she will consult elsewhere.

“Fucking Mondays! You would like to jump straight to Friday so you don’t have to wait all week for your regenerating rest. You don’t know if it’s deserved but what you’re sure of is that you wouldn’t last a fortnight without a break like in your youth. Fortunately you have learned to preserve yourself over time. This world is crazy. People would like you to be available all the time, that you don’t make mistakes, that you are on top, smiling, and above all free. At this rate, we will end up with a two-speed veterinary medicine. Real quality medicine for only well-behaved, educated, polite, respectful and moneyed people. Low cost and low quality medicine for everyone else. »

And to conclude with an essential message: “In what language should it be said: respect and protect your doctors as well as your veterinarians. You will always need it one day. Don’t disgust them with their job, and give them the means to do it well. »

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