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Denney’s Festival des Glaces restaurant is permanently closed due to compulsory liquidation

For me, the Ice Cream Festival was a strawberry-lemon cup. The lemon sorbet was really very goodSimon recalls. He used to go there as a child.Every summer when we came home from shopping in Bessoncourt, we stopped there with my mother and my brother. It was the reward.

They are not at all the same age, but yet the restaurant is also associated with good childhood memories for Peter.

We went there on Sundays with my family, it was the expected moment of the day! I always took the banana split, chocolate banana is really the best” he said laughing.

He is a little sadder when we talk about the closure of the place. “I haven’t been there for a few years but it does something to know that it has closed. I hope there will be a buyer.

A closure that took regulars by surprise

Pierre is not the only one to have been amazed by this closure. The culinary and tourist blog Conquering the East talked about it on its social networks and the reactions were overwhelming. Nearly 500 comments and reactions on Facebook. Almost never seen for Lucie, one of the bloggers.

People shared the info with their friends and family, telling them of their astonishment. The Ice Cream Festival was a real institution, it had been open for 26 years.

For the food blogger, it was the generosity of the place that had made its reputation. “Already the Erhard ice creams were excellent, we love them. And then, here, they were served in huge cups, we almost never managed to finish them! In addition, the pretty terrace made it a perfect place for meetings with friends or lovers.

She also hopes that Denney will find a restaurant with the same charm.

The reason for the closure remains unknown

However, we do not know exactly why the compulsory liquidation was pronounced against the restaurant. on March 9. Unable to reach his former manager for an explanation.



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