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Video. A German shepherd violently attacks a little dog in the streets of Flers and kills her

The attack on the dog occurred in rue de Boule, in Flers (Orne). ©Screenshot

A tragedy occurred in the city center of Flers (Orne) this Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Around 10 a.m., a German shepherd violently attacked a small dog near the roundabout at the bottom of rue de la Boule.

I ran into this master and his German shepherd, but he let go of the leash

Andrée Chatelais, mistress of the killed dog

crushed lungs

Named Isia, the dog found herself between life and death and was immediately taken to the vet.

Unfortunately, the 8-year-old animal died of his injuries an hour later. “He crushed his lungs,” breathes Andrée Chatelais, Isia’s mistress.

She, who was walking her two dogs, recovered the video of the end of the attack which was filmed by a local resident. On this short extract, we see Andrée Chatelais leave with her dog in her arms and the other still on a leash.

A complaint lodged

We also see the master of the German shepherd who found himself on the ground.

When he tries to get up, he has a hard time standing up. Was he in normal condition?

The video was shared on social media. Internet users claim to recognize this famous German shepherd. This would not be his first attack. Andrée Chatelais, who went to file a complaint, also had confirmation that the master was “known to the police for similar facts”.

“Today, it’s my dog ​​who died, but if we let it happen, tomorrow it will be a child”, concludes Andrée Chatelais.

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