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deputies and senators reach an agreement

deputies and senators reach an agreement

A compromise at any price. Deputies and senators reached an agreement in the joint committee (CMP) on Wednesday, November 9, on the bill that opens the way for a new reform of unemployment insurance. The government thus gives a commitment to the right and will be able to put forward the new consultation method that the executive has promised. “Dialogue and development means being able to act for full employment. This shows the agreement that deputies and senators have entered into.”responded Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to Twitter.

This text firstly allows the government to extend the current unemployment insurance rules resulting from the 2018 reform. It also allows the executive to implement by decree the principle of graduation of the unemployment insurance rules. compensation according to the economic situation, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise.

The senatorial majority – Les Républicains (LR) and Union centriste – showed self-sacrifice to maintain the measures it had added to tighten the text, which saw to no longer compensating employees who rejected three indefinite contract proposals (CDI) at the end of a fixed-term contract (CDD), and substitutes from the first refusal. The compromise found in the CMP finally resumes them by adapting the rules: now two refusals of CDI after a CDD or a temporary contract in the same position will lead to the loss of unemployment benefits.

Matignon Arbitration

A setback for the Labor Minister, Olivier Dussopt, who had reiterated his opposition to these two principles since the first discussions in parliament. After long hours of negotiations, from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, the compromise was finally found after arbitration by Matignon. “The issue of CDI rejections was the point of contention in the negotiations”admits the rapporteur (Renaissance) of the text for the assembly, Marc Ferracci, who nevertheless confirms his “Reserve” about a measure “whose desirability is debatable and which will be difficult to apply”that highlights the risk of setup “a gas plant”. But for the representative of French living abroad, “it was important to find a compromise and the senators were absolutely committed to this point”.

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It really was one “Red Line” for the co-rapporteur (LR) of the bill in the Senate, Frédérique Puissat, for whom these measures “remember that unemployment insurance is an insurance system” in which “jobseekers may have the right to return to work when they are involuntarily deprived of employment”, which is not the case when a CDI is rejected. MoDem’s deputy for Eure-et-Loir, Philippe Vigier, who implemented this measure, also welcomed this agreement, which “illustrates what the majority must do: find a compromise without compromise”.

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