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diving into the heart of military dog ​​training


REPORTAGE – The 132e cynotechnic infantry regiment exceptionally opened its doors to Figaro approaching the inauguration of the first memorial dedicated to hero dogs. Immersion behind the scenes of the training of these animals in the service of France.

Of dogs and men. When the gates of 132e canine infantry regiment of the Army opens up before us, it is barely 8 o’clock, and a few rays of sunshine timidly cross the thick layer of mist that covers the surrounding Marne countryside. No sooner have we slammed the door of the 207 than in the distance, barking breaks the silence and bursts out in all directions. These howls are those of four hundred hungry dogs.

We’re used to it, we don’t even hear them anymore», smiles Commander Kamel. It is here, a few kilometers from Reims, in Champagne-Ardenne, that the French Army has acquired both the largest kennel in Europe and a regiment specializing in dog training. Each year, four hundred canids purchased in Germany, France and the Netherlands are trained there for various military interventions, before being sent on missions abroad.

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