Texas governor sends migrant buses to New York

Published on : 08/12/2022 – 14:57 The Republican governor of Texas has placed migration issues at the heart of his campaign for his re-election. And Greg Abbott has engaged in a standoff with the Democrats on the subject. He decided to charter buses to transport migrants who entered the United States illegally to Democratic strongholds: … Read more

Tips for cheating, anti-cop clips… These lawyers who abuse social networks to advertise

By Paule Gonzales Posted on 04/05/2022 at 19:32, Update on 05/05/2022 at 06:16 A new generation of lawyers, born with the internet, uses platforms like Twitter and TikTok to make a name for themselves and a clientele within the bars of France. Patricia Huchot-Boissier/Hans Lucas DECRYPTION – The Order of Paris has created a commission … Read more

A Frenchman faces 116 years in prison in the United States

By Victor Merat Published 1 hour ago, Update 1 hour ago Paul Raoult, the father of Sébastien Raoult (on the left), alongside his lawyer, Philippe Ohayon, during a press conference, Tuesday August 2, 2022, in Paris. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP STORY – Detained in Morocco, he is accused of having stolen computer data. Washington requests his extradition. … Read more

after the trial, tension between lawyers and magistrates

Xavier Nogueras, lawyer for defendant Mohammed Amri, and Johnathan De Taye, lawyer for defendant Ali El Haddad Asufi, speak to the press at the Paris courthouse on June 29, 2022. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP STORY – The first ensure that “the rights of defense have been abused”. For the judges, the absence of an appeal … Read more

the lawyers reassembled against the Court of Cassation

By Paule Gonzales Posted on 01/25/2022 at 6:53 p.m., Update on 01/25/2022 at 21:28 The Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti (here in his office, in September), promised before the National Conference of Presidents of the Bar a specific decree so that “the appointed lawyer with a permit in the context of police custody (can) … Read more

In the United States, Texas is testing the limits with the federal state on immigration

Published on : 07/09/2022 – 03:02 The Supreme Court granted Joe Biden a week ago the right to suspend Title 42 which authorized, due to a pandemic, to deport illegal immigrants without having to study their asylum request. Donald Trump had set it up. In Texas, the governor decided despite everything to no longer process … Read more

In Lyon, the war around the name of Paul Bocuse is declared

By Lena Lutaud Posted 2 hours ago, Update 1 hour ago Paul Bocuse, in 2011, in front of his restaurant L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges, in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, near Lyon. Laurent Cipriani/AP INQUIRY – In 2023, a trial will oppose Jérôme Bocuse to the Paul Bocuse Institute, where the representatives of the largest Lyon families sit. … Read more

an intermediary and a lawyer indicted in the extortion section

Me Gérald Pandelon and Noël Dubus have been indicted for fraud in an organized gang, forgery and use of forgery, confirmed the national financial prosecutor’s office. The intermediary Noël Dubus and the lawyer Gérald Pandelon were indicted on Wednesday, in particular for suspicions of fraud in a part of the investigation into the possible Libyan … Read more

more than 40 migrants found dead in a truck in Texas

Published on : 06/28/2022 – 03:48 The bodies of at least 42 people, migrants who allegedly crossed the border with Mexico illegally, were found Monday in the back of an abandoned truck near San Antonio, Texas. This is one of the most tragic discoveries related to illegal immigration in recent years. The bodies of at … Read more

Éric Dupond-Moretti strengthens the professional secrecy of the lawyer

Lawyers participate, this Tuesday in front of the National Assembly, in a demonstration against the law “Confidence in justice”. – /AFP After a legislative epic and a lot of turmoil within the profession, the Keeper of the Seals tabled a final amendment to put an end to the debate. Saved in spite of themselves. In … Read more