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New York continues to experience an influx of migrants from Texas

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In the United States, the consequences of the migration crisis caused by the governor of Texas. Republican Greg Abbott continues to send busloads of migrants to the East Coast. A maneuver that is controversial and has been criticized to the top of the state. In New York, the mayor has declared a state of emergency, and local associations are organizing as best they can.

From our correspondent in New York,

No, 10 and a half is too big for you. Put them off “. In the Sainte-Rita church, it is winter clothing distribution day. For the past few weeks, this church has been helping migrants and asylum seekers who have recently arrived in New York, such as Manuela, a 26-year-old Venezuelan accompanied by her daughter and her husband: ” Here we get food and clothes. And the three of us stayed in a hotel room “.

She and her family arrived two weeks ago after a long and perilous journey: ” We took 28, 30 days. We walked, took buses. We left our country because of the economic crisis, the lack of work… everything ! »

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“Expelled” by the Governor of Texas

Manuela is one of more than 25,000 migrants sent by bus from the US southern border by the Republican governor of Texas. They often arrive exhausted, hungry and lost, according to Helen Foster of St. Rita’s Church. ” They just tell them to go. They are put on one bus, their children are on another, they are worried… They are really treated like cattle “.

Faced with these massive arrivals, self-help associations and volunteers have set up the first reception centers that offer psychological support in particular.

We see immediately that they are in need. So what we try to do is check on them and give them emotional support. They feel overwhelmed. They are very grateful to be there, but some have not chosen to come to New York. And there are many things that come up. Many of them have been on the road for 35 months and this is the first time they have been cared for, explains Mariposa, who is part of an association for the defense of migrants. ” Some have trauma, they have been exposed to sexual and physical violence, they have had weather problems, it is a lot ! Mariposa cries again. She says she is shocked by the Texas governor’s decisions: ” It is really disgusting to see people being used as pawns in a political game. It’s outrageous, it’s beyond me. »

These associations also consider the mayor’s solutions for housing immigrants insufficient. New York, already facing a housing crisis, is overwhelmed by these massive arrivals. All told, caring for these migrants is expected to cost the city more than $600 million this year.

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